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Get Your Next Movie Role! Recreate The Light in The Dark Monologue

Join the Light In The Dark Monologue Challenge and book your next movie role! Rita Dominic and Riverside Productions will be choosing the next set of movie stars from

To get involved:

Getting Back to Work without a Drag

For some people, it’s usually a struggle adjusting to work life with ease after weeks of holidaying, while for some it’s not so much of a big deal.

Sliding back into work mood means different things to different people, from switching back on early morning alarms, to trading casuals wears for corporate outfits and skipping breakfast, the list is inexhaustible.


Akwa Ibom Guber Candidates Go Head-to-Head on #BBCGovDebate

As part of the BBC Africa governorship debates for the 2019 general elections, governorship candidates for the Akwa Ibom gubernatorial polls went head to head on their policy plans.

The Spirituality of Awe

The following is my abstract for an invited address to the forthcoming Second World Congress of Existential Therapy in Buenos Aires, Argentina May 8-11, 2019.  

This is the second world-wide and unprecedented gathering of existential therapists featuring their latest contributions to the field. For those interested, here is the link to the Conference::
And here is my Abstract:

The capacity for profound, intimate experience is


Akwa Ibom Youth Ambassadors, a non-government organization based in Uyo, has concluded plans for its mega youth conference tagged AKWA IBOM YOUTH AMBASSADORS CONFERENCE. This epoch-making event is scheduled to hold on Friday, 8th February 2019, at the Conference Hall of Daaty Hotel, Ewet Housing Estate Uyo, by 10am.

In a brief made available to the Press by

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Men & Women With These 7 Personality Traits Make The Very Best Parents

No parent is perfect, but you can be pretty great.
There are no shortcuts for parenting. 

Learning how to be a good parent and perfecting your parenting skills requires time, effort, and experience learned from making mistakes and figuring out what to do better next time.
PHOTO  - YouTube
While there is no comprehensive list of personality traits that mean someone will be a great parent, there are some key personal attributes all good moms and dads have in common.

At its best, parenting is draining:

The BBC Africa to Host Language Debates for 10 Gubernatorial Elections

BBC Africa will hold 10 language debates across Nigeria in Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin and Yoruba.

People will be able to debate the issues that matter to them in their own language. The debates will ask

How to Talk to Kids About Terrorism

It's a tough conversation to have with kids but it's important to have it.

It can be difficult to explain terrorism to kids. After all, when such acts of violence don’t make sense to us, how on earth do you explain it to children?
PHOTO : Shutterstock

Unfortunately, terrorism is a reality in the world we live in. And it’s important to broach the subject with your kids.

Shouldn’t We Protect Kids From Adult Problems?

Enjoy an Exclusive 50% Discount when You order Pizza from The New Domino’s Pizza Website

Hello pizza lovers! 
2019 has kicked off with new and interesting packages just for you. 

The No 1 pizza-making company in the world, Domino’s Pizza is offering

Four Signs You're in a Dead-End Relationship

As a relationship coach, I help people improve their relationships, as well as consider when it is best to move on. In the current post below, we'll discuss how to tell if you are in a dead end relationship. For how to leave a dead end relationship,  see my follow up post, Four Steps to Leave a Dead-End Relationship.

GettyImages | Peopleimages

Are you among the walking wounded who are struggling in dead-end relationships?

Do you wonder why you stay in your relationship even though it is no longer satisfying?

Do you want the stability of a secure relationship, yet




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