Wednesday, May 2, 2018

AFWN2018 Designer Spotlight - Bushai Weave

Bushai Weave is a fashion label in Ghana that creates well-tailored addressing the style needs of the Afro gentlemen.  Bushai weave has already made his mark as one of Ghana’s leading men’s wear fashion labels

The label founded by Shaibu Abdullah  intends to give the public authentic clothing, homemade fabrics and quality finishing touches.

 What inspired your fashion journey?
Bushai WeaveMy journey was inspired by my joy and passion of seeing people  wearing African wear.
Tell us more about  the brand
Bushai WeaveWe are an African brand located in Accra-Ghana that specializes in making unique and authentic outfits diligently crafted with  handmade weave designs to suit the afrogentleman. We are working hard to make bushaiweave a successfully known fashion brand with its unique weave style across the globe

 What was your first ever fashion creation, what inspired it? Did you like it?
Bushai Weave:  Yes, the excitement of audience during my showcasing inspired me to do more and the love to see people wear something uniquely African hence the WEAVE STYLE
What has been your challenge as a designer in Africa?
 Bushai Weave:  The major challenge as a designer is lack of financial support to fund your work.
What does fashion mean to you?
 Bushai Weave:  Fashion expresses momentary feelings.
Most unforgettable experience as a designer.
Bushai Weave:  Selling out after a fashion show. The feeling was extraordinary.
Tell us about the collection you intend to showcase on AFWN runway
 Bushai Weave:   I intend to showcase a rather dynamic and colourful blend of weave style suits and caftan designs embedded with accessories.
What are you looking forward to at AFWN2018?
 Bushai Weave:  I’m looking forward to an event full of fashion lovers, quality images and fashion buyers.
How do you feel with about the growing number of fashion designers?
 Bushai Weave It is not bad because there are always some number of new entries who bring more life and creativity to fashion. It's appreciated. There is space for everyone.

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