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AFWN2018 Designer Spotlight - Michelle Arowoshola

Africa Fashion week Nigeria2018 Designer Spotlight :Local by Michelle Arowoshola

Local by Michelle Arowoshola is an innovative high-end/high street brand for both male and females, the clothing styles have elements of sportswear, some tailoring and are mostly ready to wear pieces, the print on the fabric makes it unique in style because of the originality of the design which is designed in house, The styles also reflect black culture within the UK and Nigeria and aims to encourage people from all ethnic backgrounds to embrace their culture and to see culture as something to be valued and celebrated in addition fashionable.
Its founder, Michelle Arowoshola's love for fashion spanned from her interest in art and textiles.

What inspired your fashion journey?
Michelle Arowoshola:  My fashion journey was inspired by my interest for art through out the years this interest had filtered into a broader interest for design both graphic, textiles, and 3D art, which finally developed into a focus on fashion design.

 What was your first ever fashion creation, what inspired it? Did you like it?
 Michelle Arowoshola:  My first ever fashion creation was a spider web dress, which was inspired by surrealism, I liked it for what is was at the time, however I could have pushed the design further.
What has been your challenge as a designer in Africa?
Michelle Arowoshola: Thus so far my challenge was finding the right manufactures best suited
For the brand however I have not had any major challenges

What does fashion mean to you?
Michelle Arowoshola:  Fashion means to me an expression of self and creative thoughts made real

Most unforgettable experience as a designer.
Michele Arowoshola: Seeing my graduate collection on the runway.
Tell us about the collection you intend to showcase on AFWN runway
Michelle Arowoshola:  The collection is based on transport which is symbolic to transition of one moving from one place to another, The collection consists of both men’s and woman’s wear it is a heavily based print collection, however the cut and silhouette styles of our garments are complimentary to the prints which create a medium between boldness, simplicity and detail the collection consists of some tailoring, mild elements of sports wear and a high attention to detail.

What is your outlook on African fashion and its impact worldwide?

Michelle Arowoshola: I feel Africa is always inspiring the world culturally and especially within fashion and does not get near enough credit and acknowledgment has it should.

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