Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Life at GTBank: Group Head of Commercial Banking, Tunde Nwofor shares why he loves working at GTBank

In a recent interview with Tunde Nwofor, Group Head of Commercial Banking – GTBank, he shares an inspiring story of his 15-years and counting career at GTBank and why he loves working at the bank.

Here’s the interview:

How long have you been working in GTBank?
I served as a Youth Corper in GTBank, so its 15-years pre and post-NYSC.

What has your journey been like?
Candidly, it’s been exhilarating inherently laden with its numerous surmountable challenges. However, choosing to start my career in Guaranty Trust Bank has been one of my best decisions.

What do you love about your job
A lot, but I’ll highlight the two things I love the most. Firstly, it is the high degree of satisfaction I derive in the discharge of my duties vis-à-vis adding tangible value to customers and colleagues alike. Secondly, by virtue of my present role as a line manager/supervisor, I love and enjoy the rare privilege of coaching and mentoring younger colleagues.

What do you love about working in GTBank?
The dynamism. There’s a whole lot happening at the same time so it keeps me quite engaged and constantly challenged. The wealth of knowledge in the GTBank environment keeps me humble and hungry to learn more. I also love the very high ethical standard and professionalism in the people. The Bank is true to its vision of “Creating Role Models For Society”. Then, of course, we play as hard as we work. I bet you’ll find it quite difficult recognizing us while in our “play mode”; or if you happen to be on the shop floor while we are discussing politics or football. We can be really crazy.

What has been your best experience so far?
The movement from Port Harcourt to the Head Office to head the International Oil Companies’ business of the Bank was quite an exciting experience. The switch from managing Small and Medium companies/customers to managing Large Corporates and in a completely different environment brought about a new breath of fresh air on the job and also afforded me the opportunity to charge myself more in adding value to the Bank. 

I felt so elated by the confidence Management had in me by handing me such a sensitive role and that to me really reinforced the fact that GTBank gives a level playing field for everyone to excel.

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