Wednesday, September 9, 2015

British Fashion Designer, Create World's most Expensive cake: just £48.5 Million

A British fashion designer has created the world's most expensive cake, for an unnamed client in the United Arab Emirates.
The six-foot-long confection is a replica fashion catwalk, complete with a tiny Vogue editor Anna Wintour looking on. Every detail is there, with the figures in the front row sporting designer handbags and even smartphones, tablets and sunglasses - as well as goodie bags.
Created for the client's daughter's birthday and engagement party, it's spangled with 4,000 rare stones that form her present. These include a 5.2-carat pink diamond, a 6.4-carat yellow diamond and 5 individual five-carat white diamonds - which in themselves are worth £30 million.

It was revealed to great fanfare, with sound-activated LED lighting, and a built-in Bose music system and digital LCD mini-TV providing the 'fashion wall' backdrop.
The cake, which apparently took 1,100 hours to craft, is the creation of fashion designer Debbie Wingham. Many of the clothes featured on the catwalk are copies of her own designs - including some belonging to the client.

Many of the details are touches personal to the clients, such as favourite publications; and some of the figures are modelled on family members and close family friends.

While cake-making may be a new venture, Ms Wingham is no stranger to expensive designs: she's responsible for what's been claimed as the world's most expensive dress, an £11.5 million number featuring black and red diamonds.

"I feel delighted that the cake was a great success; the clients last night were over the moon, and the guests," she tells the Daily Mail.
"I really enjoy unusual projects, and I plan to keep creating unusual cakes which are more like edible art installation."

Baking has long been a hobby for Wingham, but has only recently become a business. Her previous clients have included Amanda Holden, the cast of Downton Abbey, ITV and corporates.

The former title-holder for the world's most expensive cake was a £32.4 million eight-tier giant created for the National Gay Wedding Show in Liverpool in March, 2013. Created by the Cake bakery in Chester, it boasted 4,000 diamonds.

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